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Gaslamp Ball goes to the New Busch Stadium



Dex_jon_busch_medium Dex_jon_arch_medium Ozzie_smith_statue_medium Ozzie_plaque_medium Dex_pitch_medium Jon_pitch_medium Tatis_fan_medium Team_fredbird_medium

Photos compliments of Gaslamp Baller theNerdhater:

  1. Trying not to hold hands
  2. Dex and Jon do not appreciate the subliminal message in this pic
  3. Let's walk all the way up to the top, so I can get a poorly lit photo
  4. "If you see that guy try to put his Padre hat on Ozzie again, you take the Islander...I'll get white bread"
  5. AKA "the one that got away"
  6. Dex's heat isn't that hot
  7. Jon is a whirling dervish
  8. Hoosier uniform -Jersey Tshirt (Check), Rolled sleeves (Check), Scruffy appearance (Check), cuffed Jorts (Check)...chugging a beer till the last minute (check)
  9. No match for Andre