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Open Thread: 7/19, San Diego vs. St. Louis

The game starts at 12:55 and is on Fox. I'm just watching some TWIB before the game and they showed a shot of all the Hall of Famers waiting to take the field before the All-Star game. Every one was wearing their teams cap... except the tallest most visible HOF'er Dave Winfield.

The Pads are only 10.5 back from the sub .500 division leader. They've lost 4 in a row. So there's hope? Nope.

Go Padres!!


San Diego Padres @ St. Louis Cardinals

07/19/08 12:55 PM PDT

San Diego Padres St. Louis Cardinals
Jody Gerut - CF Skip Schumaker - LF
Edgar Gonzalez - 2B Ryan Ludwick - RF
Brian Giles - RF Albert Pujols - 1B
Adrian Gonzalez - 1B Troy Glaus - 3B
Kevin Kouzmanoff - 3B Rick Ankiel - CF
Chase Headley - LF Yadier Molina - C
Khalil Greene - SS Cesar Izturis - SS
Nick Hundley - C Todd Wellemeyer - P
Randy Wolf - P Brendan Ryan - 2B