Baseball experience last week

So I wanted to share this earlier, but I’ve been busy with summer school finals. Last week I had some of the best baseball experiences of my life and I wanted to share them.



First I went to the Celebrity Pour (at East Village). This is my report summed up: Channel 4 reporters and the baseball players are cool. Now elaborated, I’ll start with channel 4. I paid absolutely no attention to Quis so whatever. Matty V is cool but never really let his announcer persona (and voice) drop so I didn’t really talk to him. Jane Mitchell is professional about everything but also an extremely nice woman. Jenny Cavnar and John Weisbarth are the absolute coolest people you will ever meet. My friends and I talked to the two of them a lot, but not about anything except what was going on at the event. And just how’s it going things like that. They were both a little wasted but extremely nice. Jenny either has a just as pretty sister, or a pretty friend that looks like her. Anyways, Cla and Chase were pretty cool, and only a little drunk. They were mostly interested in bowling and left earlier than everyone to be good little engaged boys. But they were really nice and modest. Again didn’t talk to them about anything important. Bryan Myrow showed up and was a little reserved but dude got wasted. But he is completely cool and awesome. We talked to him a lot, but it was really about nothing. Honestly, it was like hey how is it going you are cool blah blah. My friends and I did take a shot with him though. Now I’ve read what Kouz said and I don’t think anyone should take it seriously. The guy was drunk and his team just lost, plus he somehow thought everything in the world was the funniest thing and you never know if he was trying to make a joke. I’ve met the guy in a baseball context and now drunk and I can tell you it’s like two different people. Both sides of him are cool. I kept asking him if he rode his bike there because he shouldn’t ride home drunk. Other than that nothing important was said. A guy that works at the Bar looked a lot like Kouz, my friend was drunk and kept thinking he was him. A lot of people thought so and they even took a picture together. I can tell you guys though that it was an awesome experience to see these people in a relaxed situation and drunk but still being incredibly nice and cool. I wouldn’t take anything that happened that night too seriously. Also i never saw them eat a thing, so i think that's how they got so drunk. Randy Wolf showed up late and I don’t think he stayed long… but when he walked behind the bar, everyone said “randy!” like he was norm from cheers. But he was nice. All and all it was a fun experience I wish they did stuff that cool all the time.

Saturday morning I had a Madres luncheon. Edgar Gonzalez was the player guest. He is HILARIOUS. He talked about how he shaves his goatee. He said he likes to grow it out because he looks young without it, but he shaves it off because his wife wants him too. He says he doesn’t mind it shaved because he can walk around without people calling him Adrian. Other than that he talked about the regular I’m not Adrian, I’m Edgar we aren’t competitive sort of things.

Now here comes the best experience ever. I found out earlier in the week that I won an opportunity to actually go ON the field for batting practice Saturday. So we went and did that. Now let me tell you this, it is one thing to be on a major league field, but another thing to be there with major league baseball players and have them taking batting practice. When we first got there Josh Bard (and some others) were taking batting practice. Bardo looked good; he was stretching his ankles in between and everything. (oh and I got a Josh Bard ball from the players’ wives) We weren’t allowed to talk to them or ask for pictures or autographs, unless they came up to us, so we pretty much just stood there and took pictures. Also one of Hoffman’s sons took BP, sign that kid up! Scan walked by a couple times doing things, I didn’t realize he was so tall and so hot! Anyways, the pitchers come out for BP first and I got really antsy being so close to Greg Maddux so when he turned around I made eye contact with him I said (thankfully quietly) “Holy f*** that is Gregg Maddux”. I don’t get star struck often but there is something weird about being that close to Maddux. McGann walked by us btw and if he didn’t have a beard he would look twelve. Anyways the only player that came up to us was Jake Peavy, we got autographs and a picture with him. Jake Peavy has got to be the coolest person to ever live. He actually came up to everyone individually, looked us straight in the eye and while shaking our hands said “hi, I’m Jake” CY Young award winning Jake Peavy introduced himself. It was an amazing experience. Just before we had to go the 98 squad starting assembling on the field it was funny watching them all, I kept thinking woah when did these guys get so old? Then we got to see them take a group shot but we weren’t on the field by then just by the other early entry fans.

It was an amazing week. Here are a few pictures from all of that


I wanted to put this up when the allstar game was over but it is taking too long!

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