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Gaslamp Ball's All-Fictional All-Star Team

I thought creating an All-Fictional All-Star team was a good idea and I guess it was, but apparently it wasn't very original. I should have googled it first because now I see that just about every other baseball website in the known universe has done the same thing at one point or another.

Bugs and Cranks

Cinematically Correct

Fox Sports

Entertainment Weekly

Nick's 2 Cents

There are probably more too...

In any case this is the team that Gaslamp Ballers voted for!  This is our team! 


I just wish Ed would have won the Third Base spot so that our list could be a little different.

Here are the results:



Pitcher: Rick 'Wild Thing' Vaughn

Catcher: Crash Davis

First Base: Clue Haywood


Second Base: Marla Hooch


Third Base: Roger Dorn


Short Stop: Tanner Boyle


Left Field: Benjamin Franklin Rodriguez


Center Field: Willie Mays Hayes


Right Field: Roy Hobbs


Co-Managers: Jimmy Dugan / Coach Morris Buttermaker


Groupie: Tenley Parrish