Celebrity Pours at Basic and Fleetwood 7-9-08

We'd heard, on every single Padres broadcast for several weeks, that there would be several Padres' players bartending at EVT and Basic on July 9. This was for the Padres Foundation.So, we planned to go there.

Then, we heard from another friend, that morning, that there would be another celebrity bartending, with Jake and Brian of the Padres, and  Mike Goff, Kris Dielman and Nick Hardwick of the Chargers. This was for the Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation.

First, we went to East Village Tavern. Found out all our friends were at Basic, so we went there.

Cla and Chase were already there, selling Miller Light and some other Miller product for $4. Also there at that time were Steve, Matty V. and Jane, from Ch. 4, Andre and a couple other Pad Squad ladies. The Pad Squad was selling raffle tickets.

The place was pretty packed, but we got in okay. They raffled off an AGon signed bat, Peavy signed baseball, Meredith signed jersey and some other stuff.

We bought beers and took photos with each. Both Cla and Chase were nice and accommodating.

We got a chance to talk to Cla a little bit about Virginia schools.

Chase was more shy, but sweet and smiled nicely. I told Chase I was glad he was on theteam, he responded he was happy he was here, too.

Then, someone got Cla and Chase to play Wii baseball on a little portable player that a girl was holding. Cla weakly swung at some pitches, then Chase took over. Chase hit a HR and put his hands straight up like he scored a TD, whilst yelling "HOMERUN!" A TV camera recorded some of the playing.

A bit later, those 2 players, Steve, Matt, Andre and the other Pad Squad peeps left. Obviously they went to EVT.

After about 15 minutes, in comes  Kooz and Brian Myrow, with Johnny and Jenny, from Ch. 4,and a couple different Pad Squaders. The players sold beer, accommodated fans for photos and gave out more raffle stuff. You had to buy new raffle tickets for the second round.

I didnt think Kooz was smashed at that point, but who knows. His eyes were kinda glazed. He didn’t talk much. Brian kept running to the bathroom every 10 minutes, so if anyone had been drinking, my guess was Brian. He was grinning a lot.

We heard Jake was supposed to be at another pour at the Fleetwood. So, we had a friend scout ahead. She said he was gone and Brian Giles was there with Kris and Nick of the Chargers.

So, over we went, at about 6:30.

We walked in and saw Nick with a towel on his head, so we knew the party was here. The 3 guys were behind the bar, actually making drinks. Strong. Nick made us two rum and Cokes with a little Coke for color. Then, we got Brian to come over. He made the drinks strong, too.

Brian was running around, making drinks and serving them. He would bartend for awhile, then come out from behind the bar and make out with a girl we were told was his new girlfriend. All the other patrons at the bar hit on her too, when Brian was busy bartending. Kris and Brian are close friends, obviously. At one point, Brian got hold of a can of whipped cream and sprayed Kris' mouth with it. Lots of it went all over, though.Nick shotgunned a beer with another bartender. He had good bartending skills.Kris was pretty toasted. Several things occurred. He got several of my girlfriends drunk on Patron. He did a crazy dance with his brother. He got the bar hose that you spray water or Coke with and hosed everyone down with water.

Somehow, the Neil Diamond song, "Sweet Caroline" got played. EVERYONE, and I mean everyone, in the bar sang loudly along to the chorus, "so good, so good, so good..."

We staggered out at about 9:30. Kris and Brian were still there. Those Charger boys know how to party. Seeriously. What a blast.

That’s my story and I'm sticking to it.

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