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Chase Headley might be a Padre in a week if there isn't too much pressure

Is Chase Headley headed for Cooperstown?

This much we know: When the Padres were really stumbling through May, Towers didn't want to put the pressure of having to lift the team on the 24-year-old Headley's shoulders.

This much we know: The Padres either have no respect for Headley or for the fans.  It's got to be one or the other, right?  They really think Headley is so delicate that he can't handle the pressure of the Major Leagues.  Now Towers says he'll finally bring up Headley as a DH next week.  He must be an absolutely atrocious outfielder, because we're more than willing to play guys like McAnulty and Huber who can barely hit or play defense.

What do the Padres know about Headley that we don't know?  There doesn't seem to be any rational reason why you wouldn't want him on this club... a month ago.  I'm totally flashing back to Xavier Nady never getting playing time when he was outplaying all the regulars.  Does Headley wet the bed?  Is that it?  Is that how scouts know he can't take the pressure?  That's not so bad.  Mikey Mantle wet the bed until he was 16 years old.

I say we try to build up fan expectations higher than ever before in the next week or 10 days and see if we can pressure Towers into keeping Headley down in AAA just to mess with him like he's been messing with us.