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Open Thread, 6/8: Padres vs Mets

Confession of a fairweather fan:
I was thinking about the 2-1 streak that the Padres now own. Sure it's great and all, but really it's definitive of how boring this team is, right? It's not a winning streak of more than 5 runs or even a streak of shutouts. It's just game after game of 2-1 "pitchers duels".

I'm so glad we drafted mashers. I'm looking forward to 2011.



New York Mets @ San Diego Padres

06/08/08 1:05 PM PDT

New York Mets San Diego Padres
Jose Reyes - SS Jody Gerut - CF
Luis Castillo - 2B Edgar Gonzalez - 2B
David Wright - 3B Brian Giles - RF
Carlos Beltran - CF Adrian Gonzalez - 1B
Damion Easley - LF Kevin Kouzmanoff - 3B
Carlos Delgado - 1B Paul McAnulty - LF
Raul Casanova - C Khalil Greene - SS
Endy Chavez - RF Luke Carlin - C
Pedro Martinez - P Wilfredo Ledezma - P