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What's your favorite food at Petco Park?

The New York Times sampled food at MLB ballparks and while San Diego doesn't get featured in the main story, we can still have a laugh at the Dodgers.

The trademark Dodger Dogs were contemptibly bad (salty, greasy and tepid), and a large cup of Miller Lite was overpriced at $12.25.

On the interactive map, they suggest trying the Ruby's fries (no mention of Gordon Biersch) and avoiding the Friar Frank, which is probably a good idea.

We had just gone over this , so it's interesting to see the mentions, but I do have to say that the Rubio's Fish Taco, Gordon Biersch Fries, everything at Randy Jones' BBQ and Oggi's Pizza must have been passed over, which is a disappointment.

To whet your appetite:

Some winners:

1. The pork and provolone sandwich with broccoli rabe at Citizen Bank Park, Philadelphia.
2. The "Ichiroll" -- a spicy tuna rolled named after Mariners right fielder Ichiro Suzuki -- at Seattle's Safeco Park.
3. The grilled brautwurst at Miller Park, Milwaukee

Some losers:

1. The "limp, mealy and acrid" Gilroy fries at AT&T Park, San Francisco
2. The egg rolls at Yankee Stadium
3. The "squishy, soggy" sushi at Chase Field, Phoenix

I got those from a publicist just in case you see the exact same list elsewhere.