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Mets fall upon hard times, beaten by Padres twice

The highlight of the game for me was the Scott Hairston catch in center field.  The crowd erupted when he dove for the ball.  I jumped from my seat and did a mighty fist pump.  Watching the replay it sorta looked like he didn't need to leave his feet and that he fell after he caught the ball.  I used to do this all the time when we played adult league baseball.  I'd also wear my cap really loose so that it'd fly off when I'd accelerate towards the ball in the outfield.  It's called showmanship.

There were two Mets fans sitting next to us.  One was in one of our four seats, but there was only three of us so it wasn't really that big of a deal, except these two guys kept an empty seat between them.  So either they didn't have sit next to each other or to have a seat to hang their jackets on.  It bugged just a little bit, so it was extra funny when the heavier of the two fans had his seat break beneath him and he slid to the ground in slow motion.  You would have thought he'd be able to use his arms to stop the slide but he just sat there until his rather large butt ended up in the trash he accumulated beneath his seat all game.  We laughed and laughed.

I saw a Gaslamp Baller last night wearing his retired numbers t-shirt.  I pointed to my shirt, then his, then mine and as he walked by he said "Niice!"  I never found out who he was, I'm planning on posting a "missed connections" on Craig's List.

There were thousands of unsupervised kids around us last night.  Every time there was a ground ball hit in our direction there was a mob scene around our seats.  The Pad Squad almost started a riot when the kids saw they had foam balls.  I have never seen anything like it.  I was almost sure one of the small blonde Pad Squadders was going to be trampled or seriously injured.  The Pad Squad seemed genuinely scared when they chummed the waters of an existing feeding frenzy.

Good times.