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Padres beat the Mets!

Jonny Dub and I headed out to the game last night.  We sat up in the Toyota Terrace for a change and actually stayed in our seats for once.


We got to our seats and sat next to this older gentlemen that was quizzing his daughter and her boyfriend in baseball stats.  We couldn't help but chime in when we knew the answer.  "Which team has the most home runs in the National League?"  I blurt out "The Phillies!"  Then later when Don't Stop Believing is playing on the loud speakers he asks his daughter, "do you know who the leader singer of Journey is?"  Just as he's about to tell her I shout out "Steve Perry!"  I bet I was really annoying.


Jon and I started talking about the outfield and I mention Justin Huber.  "Who's Justin Hubert", Jon inquiries.  I tell him "It's Justin Huber, without the 'T' on the end.  He's the Australian guy."

Jon says "Oh yeah Hubert, I guess I just drag out the "T" when I pronounce it." 

"Jon there is no 'T'!"  I gave up after that.  Sometimes I wonder Jon is just messing with me.

Late in the game I went to the restroom and on my way back to my seat I see Pad Squad Carrie .  I call out to her and introduce myself.  We talked several minutes and she thanked Gaslamp Ball and all the voters for their support at her quest to become the next Deal or No Deal Model.

She said she's a little bit nervous about the next in the series of votes.  She asked me if I think she has a chance at beating the remaining girls.

I asked her if it was based only on beauty.  She didn't know.  She asked if I had seen her competition, the other models.  I told her I had.  She wanted me to size up the competition.  I kind of avoided the question but she finally got me to answer.

I said "Well I can tell you who the second best looking model is..."  She excitedly asks "Who?"


Her face just drops.  I'm a little bit mean sometimes.  I tell her I'm just kidding.  She has to hurry up the Rally Bell and I need to get to my seat.

The game itself was a bit frustrating.  The Pads had men on base three times with the the heart of the line up, Adrian and Kooz, up to bat and they couldn't drive in the runs.

The older man next to us was so pissed at Kooz.  He told us that Kooz was scared to be in bases loaded situations and the Padres could never win.  He forgot that the Padres don't have to hit to win, they can be hit as well.


Padres win on a bases loaded hit by pitch.