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Open Thread: 6/5, Padres vs. Mets

Jonny Dub and I are headed out to the game. Maybe we'll get some subway on the way in. Who knows? The world is our oyster.

Josh Banks pitchin' from the hill so the Mets won't score and we can have extra innings.

Go Pads!


New York Mets @ San Diego Padres

06/05/08 7:05 PM PDT

New York Mets San Diego Padres
Jose Reyes - SS Jody Gerut - CF
Luis Castillo - 2B Tadahito Iguchi - 2B
David Wright - 3B Brian Giles - RF
Carlos Beltran - CF Adrian Gonzalez - 1B
Ryan Church - RF Kevin Kouzmanoff - 3B
Carlos Delgado - 1B Paul McAnulty - LF
Brian Schneider - C Khalil Greene - SS
Endy Chavez - LF Luke Carlin - C
Mike Pelfrey - P Josh Banks - P