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Padres Beach Towel Challenge

Matt Vasgersian and Mark Grant were talking about the Padres Beach Towel promotion that takes place on July 11th. The conversation happened during the early innings of Sunday's broadcast.


They were talking about how long the Padres beach towels survive and I believe Matt said he still used one from the early part of the decade. Mark said he's still got some from the late 80's.

I use Padres beach towels all the time. They are my go to Towel. They are light and don't take up too much space in the bag. I really liked the one that had the pocket. It was ripped badly when it was caught in the washer, but I still have it as a standby. Oddly enough I mostly use that Orangeriffic towel from I think 2003. Remember that year? Everything they gave away was orange. I use it so much because I figure that if I lose it or it is stolen I won't care because it's so ugly.

Anyway, in an effort to piggy back on their discussion, I was wondering if anybody has a give away Padres beach towel older than mine. If so can you provide photographic evidence? I still have a towel in tattered condition from I believe 1989. Based on the logo it has to be 1989 or 1990. You'll notice that some strips were cut out of the upper right hand corner in order to carbon date this relic, much like was done for the Shroud of Turin. Well, it was either that or I tore off strips to wax my car.


Poor 1989 Padres Giveaway beach towel. You've seen better days. Is there anyone out there that has an older Padres towel?