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Padres for sale! Get your ice cold Padres!

Tim Sullivan's latest article gets the final decision from Sandy Alderson. Are we buyers or sellers?  This is going to come as a huge shock for you, we are sellers.

"It's probably easier to see us as sellers at this point,"

Randy Wolf, Greg Maddux and Brian Giles are the likely candidates for sale.  When asked Maddux was professional as always:

"I'm pitching tomorrow, dude," he said. "Ask me next month. ... Honestly, I'm just really trying to get ready for tomorrow, dude, and I don't want to be out of that frame of mind."

For me Maddux will be missed the most.  Easily the coolest guy on the team.  For my money he provides the most enjoyment, more so than Peavy at this point. Just the entertainment value of watching him dissect opposing line ups and play defense is reason enough to tune in.  Unfortunately it has become just as entertaining to see how the Padres fail to win when Maddux pitches so well. Plus he doesn't whine or complain after he loses, he takes responsibility even when it isn't his to take and  he doesn't disparge the club.  He takes the losing in stride, yet you know there is nobody on the team trying harder to win.

The worst part is imagining our starting rotation without him.  We couldn't win when we had Peavy, Chris Young and Maddux all healthy, can you imagine what's going to happen when we have it stocked with washed up middle aged relievers and guys cutting their teeth in the majors?  The broadcasts are going to rated MA for Mature Audiences and you'll have to be 18 to buy tickets because it's going to be a blood bath.  I'm not sure I'll be able to stomach it.

Giles has a no trade clause with eight teams.  I did a little research just to see which teams: NO-TRADE clause in 2007 and 2008 that allows him to veto trades to eight teams (BOS, BAL, DET, WAS and four low revenue-clubs)

Boston on his list of vetoed clubs.  Man I love Giles.  I'm going to miss him too.

Wolf?  We hardly knew ya.