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Do you trust Paul DePodesta?


Q: What does this question even mean?
A: Exactly what it says or whatever you interpret it to mean. I interpret it to mean, "Do I trust the person in question to be doing what's best for the Padres?" and as a slightly more secondary question, "Do I trust the person to be telling me the truth when it comes to the Padres?"

Q: Where is the XYZ poll?
A: We'll get to all of them. Nobody will be spared. It's an election year, bitches.

Q: What makes you and jbox so awesome?
A: Some people learn it on the streets. Some people learn it in the schools. Me and jbox were born with it, holmes.


So we reach Paul DePodesta. He appears to operate transparently, but he was also once a Dodger. He says that he's not allowed to talk about his time there, but maybe he's secretly still in love with the former team.

Have at it. We end polling in a week.