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If the Padres were as defensive as Sandy Alderson then opponents would score -3 runs a game


XX Sports Radio Interview Sandy Alderson Part 1

I don't know what the reason is that we haven't played well in interleague play

He's [Bud Black] not on the hot seat.

XX Sports Radio Interview Sandy Alderson Part 2

This second segment is boring.

XX Sports Radio Interview Sandy Alderson Part 3

Our biggest problem offensively is not putting the ball in play.  We are leading the universe in strike outs.

Great question asking for a straight up answer about Chase Headley's arbitration rights.

I can assure you that, [administrative issues with Chase Headley being called up] wasn't the controlling rationale for bringing him up or bringing him up when we did.

The number one thing we're missing is on base percentage.

If I strip out the attitude then that was a good question...

What does it take that we've given up one hundred stolen bases when the closest competitor has given up 60.

We are so bad at defending the stolen base that it has nothing to do with an advanced scout.

I hear Phil Nevin saying that they don't have a former player who's scouting so they got completely out foxed... that is so much B.S. that is absolute malarchy.