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Gaslamp Ball Debate Club: Is it appropriate to boo Trevor Hoffman?

[Note by Dex, 06/25/08 10:42 AM EDT ] Changed the poll and title to make it Trevor specific.

Trevor Hoffman gives up a run and the boobirds made their appearance. Was it appropriate for fans to boo?

Why I think yes:

  • We are confident that Trevor Hoffman is not quite as good of a pitcher in non-save situations yet Bud Black continues to put Trevor out there and make really questionable bullpen decisions so part of the booing is directed at Bud.
  • We pay good money to watch the game and, in simplest terms, be entertained. If we, as fans, are not entertained, then we have the right to voice our displeasure.
  • If a fan suspects a player of dogging it or genuinely dislikes a player as a person, then booing is a very direct way of letting the player know. I really hope this wasn't a reason that boobirds used last night.

Why I think no:

  • Some players truly deserve a greater level of respect.
  • To paraphrase Bill Simmons, if you're a die-hard fan, then the players on your team are like family and you'd never boo a family member.
  • If you're really displeased with Bud Black, then the appropriate time to boo him is when his name gets mentioned or it's obvious that he's the one getting booed at.

Just a few points either way. Personally, I think I would've gone ahead and booed, but I probably would be booing a few of the other guys too. And then I'd yell stuff like, "I DEMAND THAT YOU DEMAND TO BE TRADED!" And then opposing fans would've told me to stay classy and that's when I'd start to throw peanuts.