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Matt Vasgersian's Charity Texas Hold 'em Tournament

I heard Matt Vasgersian on the DSC radio show this morning promoting his Texas Hold 'em tournament. The proceeds for the charity event go to and Mark Grant, Jake Peavy and Adrian Gonzalez will be in attendance among others.

Apparently you need to sign up online by Wednesday and then after that you'll have to sign up at the door. It's a $200 buy in and then you can buy in again later for $100 if you'd like.

From what I understand Vasgersian is a hell of a card player and yet 37% of people voting on the site say that Peavy will place the highest in the tournament. I get the feeling that Peavy sucks at poker. Matty V. only gets 29% of the vote, but he got my vote.

I have no patience for parlor games, but Jonny Dub fancies himself quite the poker player. Apparently he ranked in some Vegas tournament, plus Jon has been dying to talk to Vasgersian about, who knows what, for a long time. I'm going to insist that he sign up and represent Gaslamp Ball.

Cartoon_mattyv_medium Mattv_lg_medium

Is this a good cartoon representation of Matt Vasgersian? I'm not sure, it looks very generic to me, maybe I'll try my hand at a cartoon of Matt later.

Has anybody already signed up or played last year?