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The final voting plea for Pad Squad Carrie

There are only three contestants left trying to win the job of Deal or No Deal's next model. Only one of them sent me a picture of herself in a bikini and that was Pad Squad Carrie.


Doesn't this photo look like it was taken at Petco Park? It looks like the same masonry work (yes, that's all I'm looking at). If you are a member of the Pad Squad and would like to send me bikini shots, that's fine. If you're Andre then just go ahead and send them straight to Jon.

The final vote opens today, 6/24 5pm PST and closes 6/25 9pm PST. Honestly Carrie's toughest competition is behind her at this point, I think she's got it all wrapped up. If you want to vote for her by text ($1 per text) do it after 5pm. Why don't you jump on with the team as we come in for the big win?

TEXT "C" to 59595

Maximum 10 votes