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Baseball Player Fashion

I can't figure out the motivation that goes into ball player fashion.  Sometimes I think that they are always stuck 10 years in the past.  Other times I think it's because they are from small towns where fashion never quite reaches them until it is too late.  Then it could also be that they just became rich and wanted to buy stuff that they couldn't afford 10 years prior.  Then again, maybe it's all those things mixed together.  Here is just a few things I've noticed.

  • Baseball players have a higher percentage of goatee (van dykes) than the rest of the population.  I remember the late 90's were a big time for chin scruff, now you just don't see it much except on baseball players.
  • Necklaces.  I have never seen so many men wearing necklaces in all my life.  I don't know one man that has ever worn a necklace.  Baseball players must be the only athletes to wear so much jewelry on the field.  Pitchers are always tucking their necklaces in their shirts between every pitch.  Don't you think it would become a nuisance?  Why not leave it in their locker?  Are they afraid someone will steal their bling?  It never stops them from taking their wedding rings off.  There is a wide variety of necklaces out there too.  You've got your magnetic healing necklaces that are only popular in the Major Leagues.  You've got the gold and platinum thin chains.  You've got the religious necklaces. Then there is my favorite, the one that you might see Dawson from the Creek wearing,  that is either woven leather or string with beads/shells.
  • It's interesting that baseball players never wear team ball caps off the field.  I think I understand it, it's part of their uniform so they don't wear it with their street clothes and they don't want to look like a fan, after all it is their job.  The only player that I can think of that still wears his teams cap is  Willy Mays wearing a Giants cap when he attends games in San Francisco.
  • Are there any guys left that still highlight their hair?  It's just ball players right?  Even they are phasing it out, ever so slowly.  I think we've only got Giles and Paul McAnulty with frosted tips.

Am I missing any other obvious fashion faux pas that ball players commit?