SLPiH - Sunday Edition





Justin Hampson enters last night's game in the seventh with a runner on and two pitches later is on his way to the showers after giving up a 400 foot+ homerun. Game over.

The NL West is an embarrassment...again.  And we have regained sole-possession of last place. Think about this for a second...eleven teams make-up the NL East and NL Central...NINE of them would be in second place or higher in the NL West right now.  Everybody thought 2005 was bad? Wait'll they get a load of this group.

CY was "encouraged" and "felt strong" during his 40-pitch bullpen session, Giles will be back on Tuesday after straining his right hamstring and Kouz, like "The Dude", enjoys a refreshing Caucasion.

Maybe we have a spot in bullpen for this guy.

Tony Clark on his visit to Cooperstown.

The organization is very high on Jaff Decker.

Justin Verlander vs. The Wolf. First pitch is at 1:05pm. A chance for Verlander to make us all relive the nightmare otherwise known as the 2004 MLB Draft.

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