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Padres employees are physically incapable of saying "Super" and "Two" in a single sentence

Two questions going unanswered as of right now on Paul DePodesta's blog:

Blogger Doug said...

How much did money, arbitration, super two and other concepts I don't fully understand come into play with when Headley would be called up?


Blogger Tangotiger said...

If I got my numbers right, the fewest service days for super2s threshhold in the last several years was 131 days. Upton and Shields were in the 120s. Longoria just missed the 172 day service time to get in his full year this year. (All Rays players.) Why can't teams honestly say that they are clock-watching? And, what is your personal opinion about this?

Let me just reiterate that I think Paul is great and that the front office is full of smart guys. Let me just also reiterate that the reasoning that the front office officially gave for not bring Chase Headley up really appears non-sensical to most of us. It seems much much much more likely that the front office doesn't believe Average Padres Fan sophisticated enough to understand or accept what the true reasoning was.