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More voting for Pad Squad Carrie Tonight

Another round of voting for Deal or No Deal models is today.  You know what that means, we have to vote for Pad Squad Carrie to win.  Deal or No Deal is dragging out these votes and really milking every bit of publicity they can out of this competition.  Under normal circumstances I would have lost interest in this vote and some of you might have already.  We helped Carrie through the first rounds and we can't think of a good reason to vote for her besides the fact that she's on the Pad Squad.  I've come up with a reason.

Carrie is up against tougher competition in this round.  On herPad_squad_carrie7_small left is the beautiful hat wearing blonde Desiree from Switzerland.  On the right Cora the former Sports by Brooks model who is now Brody Jenner's girlfriend!  Just the fact that Cora associates with Brody Jenner from The Hills  should be reason enough for us to make sure that she doesn't win.  How are we going to make sure that Cora doesn't win?  That's right we vote for Carrie!

Only then can Carrie follow her dream, move to Hollywood become really stuck up, start dating Brody Jenner herself, and forget about the Padres and their Squad of Pads. Let's help her follow her dream!

Okay fine, none of that is true, Pad Squad Carrie swore to me that even if she did get this model job that she would never ever leave the Pad Squad.  I hope she wins so that her Padres loyalty is put to the test.

Here's the only caveat, we can't let Sports by Brooks readers find out that one of their own models is in the vote.  Seriously they probably have more traffic then us here at Gaslamp Ball.  If they find out Carrie is done!

Text B to 59595 to vote for Carrie, it'll cost you a buck a text.

If you don't know who Carrie is then read our interview with her.