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Stream of consciousness thoughts on the Padres

I'm going to clear my mind for 15 seconds and then just write what comes to me about the Padres.


...Is Edgar Gonzalez smiling when he's up to bat or is that his concentration face? Or is he smiling and then making the excuse that it's his concentration face when a pitcher calls him out on it like, "Wipe that grin off your face, ugly!" And Edgar can just be like, "It's my concentration face, dude." And the pitcher's like, "Oh. Carry on then."

...Are the Padres 6 1/2 out now? I honestly was figuring we might be 20 out.

...They're in New York. When I see the Padres playing against Jeter and A-Rod, I can't help but think that those guys are so much better than we are.

...This is a terrible blog post.

...Thinking about jbox's US Open post, I think the next time I see a pop fly to an opposing team's fielder, I'll yell, "IN THE HOLE!" just as the ball's about to reach him. IN THE HOLE!

...It would probably be a really funny joke if a pitcher replaced the baseball with a superball that was painted as a baseball. The batter would probably hit the ball out of the park, but then the pitcher would be like, "that was a superball, yo!" and then everybody would laugh and laugh.

...Would I notice if they turned down the speakers at Petco Park? I'm not sure if I would.

...At first I thought those two women on the Volkswagon commercial were models and I thought, "these two are kinda plain for being models", but when I realized it was a hidden camera thing, I immediately thought, "I wonder how long they had to wait before these two hotties rolled in."

...Instead of starting those "Get Loud" Jumbotron videos, they should have the Pad Squad take a little time before each game to teach fans how to cheer at a baseball game. Teach a man to fish and all that.

This was really weird.