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Gonzalez needs millions of votes to get in the All-Star game as a starter

Working his way into the National League vote-getters for first basemen won't be easy, not with Lance Berkman, Derrek Lee and Albert Pujols currently 1-2-3 in the last round of votes.

Rank Player Name NL Team Total Votes
1 Berkman, L. Astros 1,368,030
2 Lee, D. Cubs 976,204
3 Pujols, A. Cardinals 917,388
4 Fielder, P. Brewers 583,476
5 Howard, R. Phillies 528,580

There's no way Gonzalez is going to pick up one million plus votes that he would need to take the lead in All Star voting. Why should we waste our time voting? The answer is we shouldn't. It's over! There's no chance for Adrian!

Here's my idea to revolutionize All Star Voting. You have every manager make an All Star Roster, but don't tell the fans which roster belongs to each manager. Just have the fans vote for which one they want to see. Then the manager that made the winning roster gets to be the All Star Manager.

We also should do away with the rule that a player from every team has to be on the roster. We don't need your charity. We barely watch the All Star game anyway after the two hours of commercial endorsements and the first inning. I don't need them to put a Padre in with one out in the 9th, to throw me a bone. Just let it be Yankees vs. Red Sox like everybody wants. Then the rest of us can just ignore the rivalry and have a night off from watching baseball.