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More from Sandy Alderson

Geoff has part two of his interview with Sandy Alderson up today.  I will innocently comment on something so that Gaslamp Ballers can argue over it and call me names.

Here's the interesting exchange (italics mine):

[snip] One thing that [I imagine] would be difficult in your position is how do you balance the need to exercise fiscal responsibility with the simultaneous need to appease fans that aren’t really interested in the bottom line? [snip]

Alderson: What we really have to do is create confidence in the organization. People have to have confidence in what we’re doing — if we don’t sign a free agent, they give us the benefit of the doubt; if we do sign a free agent, they give us the benefit of the doubt. Until the last couple of months, I think we were on the road toward instilling that kind of confidence. [snip]

Go ahead and read the rest of the answer. To me (and therefore not to Axion or Wonko), the phrasing "until the last couple of months" comment appears to be Sandy admitting that they handled the Headley situation poorly. I don't mean in necessarily keeping Headley down to avoid the Super Two stuff, but rather the communications that went out giving all of the implausible "he's not a savior" and "he doesn't know how to play left field yet" lip service.

Am I reading too much into it?

[Note by Dex, 06/17/08 3:36 PM EDT ]

Just got an email from Geoff saying that he thought Alderson was just referring to the Padres slow start and nothing about Chase in particular. I will continue my Chase Headley conspiracy search elsewhere.