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Chris Young has lost his sense of smell and can't breathe through his nose

Pitcher for Padres pays visit to class

Chris Young visited a 5th grade class yesterday.  Presumably many young children ran in fear, others begged that the giant not eat them and still other decided to ask him questions.  They wanted to know how he was doing after being hit in the face by an Albert Pujols line drive.

And Young, who suffered nose and skull fractures when struck by a line drive hit by Albert Pujols of the St. Louis Cardinals, said his recovery was going well, except for his breathing. Young lost his senses of taste and smell, the latter of which still hasn't come back. Although initial reports speculated that he would be out for the season, Young said he plans on returning sometime around the All-Star break in July.

“I still can't breathe through my nose,” he said. “It's been a little difficult getting used to that.”

Chris Young may never experience the smells of baseball again; the freshly cut grass, the garlic fries and the sweet pungent smell of locker room body odor. Albert Pujols will have to live with what he's done!