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Pad Squad Carrie needs our Votes!

Gaslamp Ball Breaking News!  We did it, we are finally breaking major Padres news.

Pad Squad Carrie needs our support!  She needs our votes to become a Deal or No Deal model.  She didn't ask for our help, but we are just helpful guys by our nature.  Before we at Gaslamp Ball knew Carrie, she was known as Pad Squad "Sassy" or "the girl with the golden arm"  She has an amazing throwing arm.  She might be the only Pad Squadder that can put a foam ball into the second deck from the field.  I talked to her last year and told her how impressed I was with throwing ability.  She was excited to hear this, grabbed me by the shoulders and started violently shaking me.  I admit I got a little scared, but she was friendly enough and didn't hurt me too bad.  I learned that her skills were a result of her playing softball in High School.  I also learned that if you compliment a Pad Squadder they shake you, until you get dizzy.

Carrie has always been nice to us and we hope you'll support her with your vote.  Here's the instructions on how to vote.  It's one of those deals where you have to text your vote.  It seems confusing, but you get to download these pictures as wall paper each time you vote.  I think it costs a $1 each time and there is a maximum of 10.


Born and raised in beautiful San Diego, CA Carrie is a 20 year old junior at San Diego Christian College studying to become a special education teacher. Carrie enjoys being a member of the San Diego Padres "Pad Squad" and has a passion for people with special needs. She is a volunteer for Best Buddies and the Special Olympics. She is excited to see where her career in modeling will take her.

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Pad Squad Vanessa and Carrie on duty.


Pad Squad Kelley and Carrie posing with Jon.