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We all knew the price on that ad was a mistake and it has been fixed

You guys remember that chair that was being sold on Craigslist? The one that was priced at just under $25,000? Well, it actually was a mistake and the price has been fixed and lowered by thousands of dollars...

To $22,750.



There you have it. An Oakland A's fan wants to sell you that chair for $22,750 and zero pennies. That's a decimal point right there. That's the same chair from before on the roof of dude's house. That's the chair on his bathroom floor. That's the chair in his living room. In this listing, it says it's in "great" condition as opposed to "perfect", so that might account for the valuation dropping by a couple large.

At first I thought that he might actually be selling 455 of those chairs at that price. Like a whole section of chairs for the price of a reasonably priced 2009 model car. Turns out, from what I can tell, he really does want to just sell that one chair for over $22 grand.

I took me some business school once... And even though it was at San Diego State while all the drugs were still on campus... I'm pretty sure that I would consider this particular deal a pass . Just sayin'. Oakland A's fans gotta wake up pretty early in the morning.