SLPiH - Saturday Edition

I really wish this was our starting outfield...this one only has one dog in it.

Photobucket(Robert Vigon/Florida Marlins)


The San Diego Padres now have the worst record in all the land.

The Marlins enjoyed Justin Germano's visit to Florida.  When Buddy was asked if Mi Hermano would be getting the ball again in five days he answered: "We'll work through that."

Khalil hit his first homerun of the season.

It was "Bark at the Park" night for the Marlins last night, with Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston on the field filming a scene for their upcoming movie "Marley & Me".

Chase was 2 for 4, with a double and a walk last night in a 6-4 win for the Beavers . Clay threw another scoreless inning to lower his ERA to 1.80.

Wally World thinks Padre batters are pressing.

Colt Morton's friends and family were all on hand last night in a homecoming of sorts. Bonus: Colt got the start. It sets up like a fairy tale for him to get his first major league hit....right? Right? Umm, no. Cuz that just wouldn't be 2008 Padre-like.

Jake vs. Ricky Nolasco tonight. First pitch is at 4:10pm



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