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How to placate Yankees fans using Depression Era stories as told by Bobby Doerr to Dan Migala, Author of Dugout Wisdom

Dan Migala sets the scene :

I'm riding the 6 train to Yankee Stadium for tonight's Yankees/Orioles game clutching the book. In the midst of a quiet moment, I start thumbing through the book innocently when a handful of people start asking me about it. They are clearly Yankee fans (I'm a Chicago fan for the record). They are clearly drawn to the stories from Whitey, Goose and Guidry but I asked them to take a glance at Bobby Doerr, the Red Sox great...

What will happen to the protagonist of our story? If it were almost anybody else, I'd predict pain as administered by the Yankee fans.

I've known Dan for at least a couple or three weeks now and he's let me see a copy of Dugout Wisdom (a PDF copy as opposed to an autographed paper bound one, but a copy nevertheless (purchase yours here)). I will tell you that if one man can somehow placate Yankees fans using a story about a Boston Red Sox you can safely assume that Dan will be the guy.

More about the book itself later.