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Major League Baseball has a "unique" plan to fight cancer

As Biz of Baseball points out , Major League Baseball is committing $10 million to the Stand Up To Cancer program.

“This initiative has presented an historic and unique plan to fight this deadly disease, and it is a privilege for me and Major League Baseball to join this magnificent effort,” said Commissioner Selig.  “We have pledged many of our valuable resources in an attempt to assist in every way we can.”

"An historic and unique plan"? Keep in mind, the MLB is a group that refuses to use existing technology to simplify day-to-day procedures in its own business and went for years skirting basic human rights with its player policy, so when the MLB sees a plan as being "unique" and "historic", that could mean almost anything, from medical procedures commonplace in underdeveloped countries to hiring doctors and paying them competitive wages.

Nevertheless, i would click through to the Stand Up 2 Cancer site just to watch Larry David give his reason for why we should find a cure for cancer (Hint: It's because he wants naturally bald people to get sympathy sex).