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Open Thread: 5/28, Pads vs. Nats

Still playing the Nationals eh? If we win tonight... then that will be three in a row. Not that big of a deal right?


This could be our longest winning streak of the season. We've never won more than two games back to back. Can you believe it? You should, because it's true, if you believe Jonny Dub, like I do.

Go Padres!! Yay!


Washington Nationals @ San Diego Padres

05/28/08 7:05 PM PDT

Washington Nationals San Diego Padres
Felipe Lopez - 2B Scott Hairston - CF
Cristian Guzman - SS Tadahito Iguchi - 2B
Aaron Boone - 3B Brian Giles - RF
Dmitri Young - 1B Adrian Gonzalez - 1B
Lastings Milledge - CF Kevin Kouzmanoff - 3B
Jesus Flores - C Khalil Greene - SS
Wily Mo Pena - LF Justin Huber - LF
Elijah Dukes - RF Luke Carlin - C
Odalis Perez - P Shawn Estes - P