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Corey Brock Mailbag Reject... OR NOT!?

Corey Brock, as if answering our most trivial prayers, forwarded along a sample of a piece of mail that actually didn't get used in the mailbag. Or maybe it'll be used in next week's mailbag. One or the other.


San Diego

E-mail From: xxxxxxx Do you think the Padres should pick up Matt Holiday from the Rockies.

To be perfectly fair, this might have been written by a little kid. Otherwise, I think the correct answer to this is "Yes", though I'm afraid of what the followup question would be.

"I heard a minor league man was picked up for 10 bats. Maybe we can pick up Matt for 12. I once picked up my friend Matt in my mom's Prius, but she had to drove us."


I should probably be proactive with the obvious question and note that the original quoted piece really was an email Corey Brock received. Cross my heart.