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Uncommon Sportsman 2.0


Oh snap!  Uncommon Sportsman just went 2.0!  Dex and I got really lazy about updating over there because once we tasted the sweet nectars of 2.0, we couldn't go back to blogging on version 1.5, we just couldn't!  We pretty much stopped updating and promised to double our efforts when Uncommon Sportsman was upgraded.

We're pretty sure that Uncommon is the most Unpopular SBNation site right now, but that's going to change.  We've set a goal to get 100 regular readers by the end of June.

You might be asking yourself,  "How the hell are they going to get 100 regular readers? " Well that's where you come in.  You are our new readers!  You don't even know it yet, but it's true! 

Join the Uncommon Sportsman community, it's easy because now you just have one login for all SBNation sites.  Get over there and tell us about your strange sporting activities or stories. 

Dex and I haven't come up with a real mission statement yet for Uncommon Sportsman but for now we are filling in the cracks of the SBNation empire.  If there isn't already a blog focused on a sport then you come to us!  Look at our logo, we're ready to talk about hot dog eating, dart throwing and badminton.

I'm going to check to see how many of you have joined in about an hour and if we don't have some new users over there, then I'm going to cry and make you feel really bad.  Let's hope it doesn't come to that.