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Sunday's 18 Inning Win!

Jon, our friend JD and I headed out to the ball park on Sunday. We got there late because JD was stuck in Memorial Day traffic. We got to Petco in the third inning and I promised JD that their was plenty of game left. Boy, was I right.


We posed by the Hilton explosion, grabbed some Randy Jones BBQ and stood in the standing area by the Western Metal Supply eating our food. I don't think I even saw Maddux pitch by the time I was settled in to watch the game.

Suddenly, Jon starts acting weird. I can tell something is up. Jon can feel Pad Squad Andre's presence behind us. The Pad Squad hits the field for their t-shirt tossing and on the way back up, Andre talks to us. He asks if his story he sent in was too cheesy for Gaslamp Ball, I said "Yes, but I put it up anway". We followed him down the stairs to our seats and suddenly I hear somebody calling out to me.


"jbox! jbox!" I turn around and it's none other than John Weisbarth . I haven't chatted with him for over a year so I'm surprised he recognized me. He was preparing to do the "best seats in the house" give away. He shook my hand, a firm shake, hands not too hot or cold, just right. We talked about how boring our losses have been recently. At least today there has been some offense, even though at the time we were losing.


Back to our seats, we started baking in the sun. It was too hot, so we moved to the shade where it was too cold. Goldie Locks would have been pissed. Towards the 9th inning when Trevor gave up the run we decided to hit the Padres store to look for a ball cap. I've always worn a size 7 1/2 59/50 cap, as of last year they are too big for me. Did they change the sizing? My old hats still fit but not the new ones. I think I wear a 7 1/4 now.


We then headed out to the Park in the Park to catch the remainder of the game. At the time we didn't know that we still had another 9 innings. We spot RevRun and his wife taking in the game on the grass. We high five them and exchange pleasantries. Again we are face with being too hot and too cold. We make our way up the Tony Gwynn Statue. We were trying to take pictures but this weird guy wouldn't get out of the way and ended up in every picture.


We needed to sit down now, so we headed to the outfield where again we bumped into Andre. He was tossing out baseball cards and getting the crowd pumped up. He tossed Jon some cards and Jon gave them to some kid sitting next to us. I swear Andre puts a lot more effort into his cheering when he knows Jon is watching. He keeps checking out of the corner of his eye to make sure that he is entertaining Jon. A few minutes later with the sun beating down, Andre brings us all water. Jon swoons.


We had to leave because Jon's girl had been saving us seats at a pub for like 2 hours and we had no idea how much longer the game would last. We ended up leaving during the 17th. Would have been nice to see Adrian's home run but it wasn't meant to be.