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Jerry Coleman's Book Signing

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I got a call from Jonny Dub on Saturday letting me know that he was at Costco eating hot dogs and that Jerry Coleman was going to be doing a book signing at 1:30.

Jon said that a line was already forming which didn't really sound right considering it was only 10:30.  I waited around until 1pm and then headed over to buy Jerry's new book: An American Journey: My Life on the Field, in the Air, and on the Air.  I called Dex to see if he wanted a signed copy, he did so I planned on getting two.


I got there and found Jerry sitting on the aisle end cap like one of those ladies that gives away food samples.  There was a line of about 15 people.  I grabbed two books and got in line.  Jerry's wife, Maggie was helping all the customers through the process.  She asked us to write the message that we want Jerry to inscribe in the book on a post-it note.  I was at the end of the line and nobody else came for a couple minutes so she said "I'm going to do some shopping" and took off.

As I got to the front of the line a lady was clutching Jerry's hand singing his praises.  She went on for about 3 minutes about what a great guy he was.  Jerry said jokingly "Maggie needs to hear this!" 

Jerry signed Dex's book "Hi Dexter, Oh Doctor!, Jerry Coleman".

He signed mine in the same way, but mentioned that his penmanship is getting worse with every book he signed.  "If you can decipher that, you're better than me." 

Jerry was very pleasant and took time to talk to every customer, very nice guy.  I'm only about three chapters into his book, but it's really a good read.  I recommend picking it up.