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A closer look at the carnage

Padres hurt some more as Pujols' liner breaks pitcher Young's nose

Chris_young_blood_medium Bard_sprains_ankle_medium

"When I hit it, I thought it was going over his head," Pujols said. "But it hit him right in the face. "There was blood all over the place and I began to pray about it and make sure it was all right."

Adrian Gonzalez put his arm around Pujols and they bowed their heads in prayer for a few minutes with their backs turned to the bloody scene.

"It was a pretty tough night," Pujols said. "After that, I couldn't concentrate on my other at-bats. I kind of had flashbacks thinking about that at-bat."

Wow that really sucks for Pujols.  It's a tough night in the big leagues when something is distracting you when you are trying to take at bats.  Oh yeah, I guess it sucked for Chris Young and Josh Bard too.

Pujols obviously didn't do all this damage on purpose, but he's like a bull in a China shop (yes in China they just call it a shop).  He's so clumsy and ruins everything.


It would have been nice if Pujols showed the same concern for Bard as he did for Chris Young, instead of hurrying to high five his teammates.