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Pad Squad Carrie Video Interview

Here's Pad Squad Carrie's video. You can vote tonight. Her model letter is "B" and you can text it to 59595, it will cost you one dollar.

What have we learned from Carrie's interview? First, we asked better questions in our interview with her. Second, she's a tomboy and a girlie girl at the same time and that she usually doesn't dress all glamorous, she likes to wear sweats.

Carrie was a guest on the morning show Jeff and Jer this morning.


One of the old guy hosts kept making boner jokes, using slide whistle sound effects.  Classic stuff.

Carrie as you all know is a native San Diegan, she went to Vista High School.  The hosts were reading her bio and said she was both pretty and nice.  Carrie talked about how she got involved with Deal or No Deal.  She went to a casting call a year ago and waited in line for two hours with some of her hot model friends.  The casting call called for her to meet Howie Mandel, take pictures, take videos and model with a brief case.

They asked Carrie how much money she would make if she got the job.  She didn't know but said that she saw one of the models on TV talking about buying her fifth house.

Voting starts tonight at 5pm and ends tomorrow at 10pm.  The show will air tomorrow.  If she wins this round then she'll have two more rounds to go.  They are only choosing one new model via the internet search so she has to beat them all.  It's a very long process.

When asked why people should vote for her, she responded "Why not should you vote for me? I'm a native San Diegan and I work for the Padres!"  One of the hosts was like "Look where that got the Padres" and she said "No Comment">

Good job Carrie, best of luck in the on going voting!