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Sports journalists are lazy. Trevor Hoffman is a watched pot and saves are boils. Mike Piazza goes into the HoF a Padre

I have some book reviews to put up probably tomorrow, and I didn't bother to stay up for last night's game because I figured they would win it and they did. When there's no suspense... That's when I get bored. Therefore, here are some random bullets...

  • The Hardball Times has a piece up critiquing how lazy sports journalists are when it coms to investigative type reporting. I agree, though I do think it's not beyond the realm of possibility that all of the owners really don't want anything to do with Barry Bonds without having to consult with each other about whether or not they should.
  • When I said Trevor Hoffman was done, I guess I should really have titled it "Trevor Hoffman is done wanting fans". It's my only explanation for why he would choose to be terrible in the most meaningful of moments and play perfectly fine when nobody would blame him for packing it up and most people are turning off the game in the 4th. By "most people", I mean me, last night.
  • I bet Mike Piazza goes into the Hall of Fame as a San Diego Padre, but I also bet that he goes in wearing the old brown 80's uniform because the color scheme compliments his complexion.