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Padres expect to lose

I'm glad someone from the Padres organization is speaking about the frustration directly.  I don't want to hear about how the team is grinding or they are in a slump or going through a rough patch.  This team is absolutely horrible.

GM Towers: Padres too comfortable with losing

"It's the way you play the game," said Towers, visibly angry. "It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see the intensity and how you carry yourself. We've got some hungry players down below looking for an opportunity. There's not one player in the system who is going to turn it around. If we make changes, it will be wholesale."

Let's do it, make the changes.  Do it KT.  Pull the trigger.  We've seen enough lazy baseball and wild swinging to last us this year.  I want to see some young talent that has a chance of being good.

I really think the problems stem from people thinking we were better than we were the last few seasons.  We've had the four consecutive winning seasons drilled into our heads.  The Padres were always just on the verge of being good, just a little bit more luck and a few more hits and the team would be a championship quality team.  I'm convinced that they were never that good and were getting lucky when they did win.  So because of that we kept a core group of players that we tried to build around and they bring us to this point.

Morale shouldn't be good. If it's good, we have other issues. If morale is good, they have no expectations of being better. Morale should be horrible.

I'm really not convinced that this group of players really care that much.  There has definitely been a lack of concentration and just like the fans, the players expect to lose.