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Interview: Pad Squad Carrie

Pad Squad Carrie has been with the Pad Squad for three years, is a Deal or No Deal model finalist and could use our votes. She's athletic, lovable and sassy. She was nice enough to accept our invitation for an email interview. We would have done an interview in person but she doesn't know her own strength and we are very delicate.

Gaslamp Ball: Who's your favorite Padres Player?

Carrie: My favorite Padre would be Mr. Greene. He seems pretty down to earth, but at the same time a phenomenal athlete.

Gaslamp Ball: What's the best thing about Petco Park?

Carrie3_mediumCarrie: The best thing about Petco Park, is of course watching the padres play, but besides that, I would have to say, the fans. We have so many fans who are so dedicated to the team, and who show their support all year long, win or lose.

Gaslamp Ball: What's your favorite food at the park?

Carrie: My favorite food at the park... hmm well I don't get to go to a game very often, but when i do get a chance. I enjoy a good hotdog, and on a hot day a frozen lemonade :).

Gaslamp Ball: Your Deal or No Deal bio makes you seem like such a good person. Can you tell us something bad about you?

Carrie: Why, Thank you! Let's see... something bad about me? hmmm. I hope there isn't too many bad things about me. I guess I would say, I have a bad habit of just saying whatever it is I'm thinking without really thinking it through…it can get me into trouble at times. I guess I need to think before I talk, because sometimes what I am trying to say just doesn't come out right! (If that makes sense?) I guess I'm just too honest.

Gaslamp Ball: If you get selected as a Deal or No Deal model and move to LA, what would your parting advice be to the Pad Squad?

Carrie: I hope I never have to move to LA. I would be very sad leaving San Diego. I would commute as much as I possibly could, before moving. It's so funny, everyone at Deal or No Deal makes fun of me for bragging so much about San Diego, saying how great it is. My famous line is "I'm from America's finest City". My knew nickname is "San Diego". However, if I absolutely had to move, I would give the Pad Squad some throwing tips, on how to launch balls up to the upper deck. Gotta keep it going...

Gaslamp Ball: Would you remain a Padres fan or adopt the Dodgers? There is a correct answer to this question.

Carrie: NEVER adopt the Dodgers. Padres fan forever.

Gaslamp Ball: We can't figure out how to vote for you on this Deal or No Deal site. Are you going to be on the show on 5/21? Can we only vote at a certain time? What's your model number?

Carrie: I know it is kind of confusing. What you have to do is Text message the letter "B" (my model code) to 59595 on May 21st anytime during or after the show. You will see me right before every commercial break, introducing myself, maybe a little interview; you have until May 22nd at 10:00pm to vote. You can vote up to 10 times, and standard text messaging rates apply. Every vote gets you a mobile wallpaper of me, and a chance to win the nightly $10,000 cash prize!

Gaslamp Ball: Why should Padres fans vote for you? Wouldn't that mean that we wouldn't get to see you around the ballpark anymore?

Carrie: Padres fans should vote for me because I am the only girl from San Diego! It would be exciting to say Pad Squad Carrie is a Deal or No Deal case model, because of the support of the fans! I think that Padres fans see my enthusiasm, and excitement for the game, and I would have that same energy and excitement while being on the show. Of course you would still see me around the ballpark, I'd still be on the Pad Squad, working my schedule around the games.

Gaslamp Ball: What is something that not a lot of people know about you but you wish more people could know?

Carrie: I really am not sassy. I am a very down to earth, low maintence girl, who is fun to be around. I sometimes snort when I laugh really hard :). Most people wouldn't guess that I actually went to school to play college basketball, and at one point managed playing three sports in high school. I'm not sure if a lot of people know, but I was Miss Greater San Diego 2007 and competed this year at Miss California USA and was first runner up. I never dreamed I would have gotten this far in my modeling career. I wish people could know the side to me which is what makes me who I am, and that is my faith in Jesus Christ. I feel very blessed. I am very humbled by this experience, and will always remember the people who got me to where I am at.

Pad_squad_carrie4_mediumGaslamp Ball: Make the face you'd make if somebody was able to eliminate the penny case by picking you. Now answer me this. How can you possibly be that frickin' cute?

Carrie: This is a hard question, how can I possibly make the face right now? I do know I would be completely excited for the contestant... I guess a similar look of opening a Christmas present with a darling little puppy jumping out of the box combined with a sigh of relief.

Gaslamp Ball: Don't forget that Howie Mandel is unable to shake people's hands.

Carrie: lol. It cracks me up when contestants try and like hug him, or give him high fives, he is totally uncomfortable.

Gaslamp Ball: If I remember correctly you were a softball catcher, what advice could you give to Josh Bard?

Carrie: Yes! I was a softball catcher. My team went undefeated, and won Nationals in Spokane, Washington It was a blast! I don't think you can really compare me to Josh Bard, with him being a professional and all. I think he is doing a great job as our starting catcher. He really came through a lot last season as backup catcher to Mike Piazza, and has always been a clutch hitter. I think he would laugh in my face, if I tried giving him any advice.

Gaslamp Ball: Here's some Rapid Fire Questions:

Matt Vasgersian: Deal or No Deal?
John Weisbarth: Deal or No Deal?
Jenny Cavnar: Deal or No Deal?
Gaslamp Ball: Deal or No Deal?
My hand in marriage: Deal or No Deal?
What about a date to Boomers for mini golf with me: Deal or No Deal
I buy you a cup of coffee in a public place and you don't have to sit with me while you drink it: Deal or No Deal?

Carrie: Am i suppose to answer these??

Gaslamp Ball: Umm... nevermind.

Thanks Pad Squad Carrie! We've been Carried away! We'll keep our fingers crossed for you. High fives all around!