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Jim Edmonds was a clubhouse cancer

Chicago Sun Times :

And there were whispers he was a clubhouse cancer in San Diego, helping to expedite his exit.

I really wish these whispers were just a little bit louder.  The Gaslamp Ball has really bad hearing and needs to know this information as it's happening, not after he was traded.  All we ever heard about when he was here, was that he was in the best shape of his life during the off season.

Now for the personality issue. When the Padres cut ties with Edmonds over the weekend -- putting the waiver process in motion -- his San Diego teammates nearly applauded. Edmonds' biggest crime was being aloof -- something that won't matter in a tight-knit Cubs clubhouse.

Being aloof is sometimes a considered a crime against humanity.  The Padres have a right to be upset.

In my opinion his biggest crime was a crime against fashion!