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Jeff Idelson, President of the Baseball Hall of Fame

One of our very very first interviews at Gaslamp Ball was with Jeff Idelson , then VP of Communications and Education at the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum. While we were pretty sure that we were speaking to somebody very important, we also were a little surprised that he would talk to a lowly blog. Maybe he saw in us a museum piece of sorts. A fascinating future relic of baseball history. Something curious to be remembered, but never revisited once gone, like Eddie Gaedel, Disco Demolotion Night or segregation. In any case, he was very pleasant and the interview went well.

Recently, we were very pleased to learn that Jeff was named President of the Hall of Fame. President!

Now, as baseball romanticists, it seems to us that the President of the Baseball Hall of Fame is like the Alexiares and Anicetus of baseball. Guardians of Mount Olympus. No one mingles with the Baseball Gods unless Jeff allows it. It's on Jeff's shoulders to ensure that the hallowed ground in Cooperstown remain as such. He's like the Pope of Baseball. We met the POPE!

Congratulations to Jeff and best wishes for continued success!