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Problems with Padres "Loaded" tickets

The Consumerist has a post with a disgruntled recent San Diego transplant regarding the Padres Loaded ticket dea l. Now, if there's a problem with a promotion like that, it's not the worst thing ever. The ticketing agency and concessions are both outsourced so it's understandable that there might be problems. The problems with customer service however shouldn't be tolerated.

Personally, I don't think the customer is always right, but when the customer is then he or she shouldn't be given the runaround.

From the letter:

Of course I had to leave three messages with different departments before receiving a call back. Then we played phone tag for over a month (six or more calls)to be told that they could not offer me any money back. They would only offer us some more tickets but no apology, explanation or money back on the concessions.

For shame, Padres! Tempting people with delicious ballpark food and then not allowing the people to eat it! FOR SHAME!