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Paul DePodesta has started a blog. Padres fans rejoice, then wonder, "Is this going to increase payroll?"


Finally, we get a little bit of a scoop. Jbox and I were just talking about the fact that we know all these people in the front office, but nobody's ever willing to give us a scoop. Well we've got one.

I just got word from Paul DePodesta, Special Assistant for Baseball Operations of the San Diego Padres, former GM of the Los Angeles Dodgers, former Assistant to the General Manager of the Oakland Athletics and main protagonist of the popular non-fiction book, Moneyball...

I just got word from him that he's starting a blog. Here it is: It Might Be Dangerous...There's exactly one post up there and it doesn't reveal anything juicy, but it's a start.

Paul's a very bright guy and I'm looking forward to his posts. I'm hoping he's able to devote some regular time to it and engage in some of the debates (hot dogs or fish tacos) that the Padres Blog Patrol has touched on and will get to in the future.

Welcome to the blogosphere, Paul! Now quit goofing off on the internet and get back to getting the Padres back into respectability.

[Note by Dex, 05/11/08 10:07 AM EDT ] Paul's started posting comments and answering questions. I'm really pleased that we'll have this channel to the front office. Please, Corey Brock mailsenders, don't screw this up for everybody.