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The Padres need an ombudsman and I nominate me.

I say we bring up Chase Headley now. I don't care about no arbitration clock. You know what I think about your arbitration clock? I think you're being a cheap mofo. I don't care about the "pressure" of being asked to rescue the club. If we wait around for the club to be good again before calling him up so that he doesn't feel like he has to "rescue" us, we'll be waiting  a while and we'll be waiting for a time in the future that is pointless. Bring him up now while we care. Bringing him up when nobody cares is basically admitting to everybody that you don't actually use your minor league system for anything but filler.

Ask this kid three times if he wants to be on the big league squad and he'll tell you 8 times yes. Ask this kid if he can handle the pressure of (heaven forbid) San Diego and it's oh so demanding media and positively ruthless fairweather fans who will boo you to no end from the comfort of their living rooms and he'll ask you what you're smoking.

What's the worst thing that happens? We show faith in this kid that he might be able to spark a horrible team? We admit to this kid that bringing him up makes him one of our top 3 hitters by default? Let's say he has two oh-fer days in a row. Of all the guys on the roster who've already done that this season, we've kept 39 of them.

What. Are Padres fans afraid that we're gonna make Chase Headley cry? If he's that big of a baby, I don't want him on the team. Bring him up NOW.

While we're at it, Bring up Antonelli too and quit ragging on P-Mac. So what if people consider him a AAAA guy? I'd rather rebuild a team on AAAA guys than AARP. Anybody over the age of 37 who can't actually perform on the field should be auditioning for coaching positions or they should be wearing straw hats and helping tourists find their seats.

Anyways. That's my story and I'm stickin' to it.