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I love May. April is for fools, but May is for mothers. And who loves mothers the most? Fathers. And how do you say "Fathers" in Spanish? Padres.

Therefore, May is the month that the Padres love best.

There is a point to this point besides pointing out that it is now May and the Padres will be playing baseball now (as evidenced by last night's game). The point is that the Baseball Gods help those who help themselves and looking at MLB Trade Rumors today, I realize that we really should start looking for a young centerfielder.

One funny extra bit of info is that Theo Epstein asked for Chase Headley in exchange for Coco Crisp. That's like asking somebody who's still eating dinner if you can have their dessert since they aren't using it. You got to wake up pretty early in the morning.

In any case, I say we make a move for Jayson Werth. Once Victorino gets back, the Phillies won't be needing him. Werth liked it in LA, right? He was treated well in San Diego, right?