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Game Thread: 4/9, San Diego vs. San Francisco

Justin Germano vs. Jonny Sanchez vs. the bitter cold wind of San Francisco. I was at the game this time last year and froze my jock off. I do not envy those fans in the stands.

Justin is coming off a pretty decent outing last week against the Dodgers, but he wasn't able to capture the win. That should be remedied tonight with any luck.

Let's also try do something new, in order to add a degree of difficulty let's focus more attention on recommending our favorite comments. Just click on "action" and "recommend", when you find a comment particularly informative or hilarious. After three recommends the comment will magically turn green so that all others may be alerted to its greatness like the Green Lantern's ring or Bruce Banner.

I'm going to go play on my winless softball team while you folks watch the first few innings.

Go Padres! Go winless softball team!