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Random Thoughts after a loss

I was planning on throwing the ball around the horn and spotlighting what other blogs were saying about the loss that never should have happened.  Everybody seems a little depressed though, so that'll wait for another day.

  • I honestly think the Giants should have brought back Barry Bonds for at least one more year while they bring up young talent.  I'd put every other older player on the market and start gathering talent.  Fans will come just to see Bonds while they suck for awhile and rebuild.  At least while the team is improving you can gather publicity and excitement from Barry chasing 3000 hits.  He could probably reach 3000 hits pretty quickly if his friends like Peavy throw him some BP fastballs.  It's not like they could tarnish their reputation anymore with Bonds.  At this point they should just milk him for whatever he has left.  His antics and criminal activity can hide the poor play until you get your younger talent ready.  Then when the team is ready you place all the blame on Bonds' selfishness and get rid of him. 
  • Regardless of the loss it was nice to see the Padres show a little bit of fight, granted it was primarily against Brian Wilson, who looked absolutely terrible last night.  Even though the Padres were unable to score on 13 hits, I am encouraged that they are at least hitting.  The scoring part will hopefully come later, like tonight.
  • Even though we play in the National League and our pitchers run the bases fairly often, I can't explain why it made me so incredibly nervous that Peavy was brought in as a runner.  It might be because Peavy may be asked to take an extra base or be sent home when under normal circumstances they wouldn't take such a risk.  Even worse, Peavy and his competitiveness may decide to make a collision at the plate.  I'd rather lose a game to San Francisco then lose Peavy for the season.
  • The good news is that it was just one game and it's not like the entire season is going to come down to one game... or is it?