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Open Thread, 4/8: Padres vs Giants

I'm really not feeling well today. I'm sore and achy all over. Like... the backs of my eyeballs hurt. I tried curing it by playing Bulls-Eye Baseball for like an hour, but it didn't help. It hurts my fingernails to type. So tired.

Lucky for the Padres, as bad as Gaslamp Baller Dex is feeling, the Giants and their fans are feeling a bit worse. I don't mind it so much, of course. They've been to the World Series more recently than us and now's the time to feast on the little bits of gristle left on their bones. Like a wolf.

Speaking of wolfs.

Randy Wolf goes for us today. I'll be observing him closely. His first outing for us was very good and I'm hoping he continues the trend. Against the Giants, he should continue the trend and if he doesn't... Well he's got som splainin' to do.

Of course, that's assuming I don't pass out during the game, which is a strong possibility.